Okay, let's start by examining the reasons you're here. Which are the top crucial factors to take into consideration when researching the best products to sell on Amazon?

1. Your Product Should Be Ad-Friendly

The first thing to take into consideration when creating the product you are selling is whether is it an ad-friendly product. There are a variety of Ad platforms available; TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and of course, Amazon PPC. 

Whatever product you choose to offer must comply with those terms of service and the policies for the Ad platforms.

These platforms will be the primary method of getting public awareness of your new product. You must ensure that your Ads are approved and will not cause problems such as getting your ads blocked or accounts closed.

2. Your Product Should Be Sourced In The USA

It could be a challenge. Try to find products that are manufactured or sourced within the US. This will make it easier to get around any customs issues you're facing when you import from other countries such as China.

This helps in replenishing inventory faster and also ensures the quality of the product. If you are purchasing products from outside the US You have the option of employing people who are from the country to conduct your checks, without having to fly to the US. 

However, I believe that it's essential to buy the product from a source in the US.

You can begin with sourcing in the US but as sales volume and brand grows then you can shift manufacturing and the sourcing process to China or wherever is useful to you.

3. Your Product Should Be Consumable

The main reason behind this need on the Amazon Seller Product Research Checklist is the recurring revenue. 

It is important to attract new customers and then have them return to buy more of your products, which is why your product should be one that customers can use repeatedly and again, as they'll be able to run out. 

This could include skincare products such as hair care products or even consumables.

It is best to stay clear of products that can solve your issue 100%. If the desire to purchase this product is completely gone after the initial purchase, they won't have to purchase it again, and that's not a good business to be in.

The cost of acquiring a customer is typically high, which means you want the value over the long term of this customer to be very high also. 

One way to do this is to encourage them to come back to purchase again. Then, ideally, you can extend the range of products so that you can cross-sell other items.

4. Aim For The Perfect Price Point

The price of your product should be in the area of impulse buying, i.e. between $10 to $35. In general, the cheaper the price of the item between $10 and $35, the greater the value. 

This reduces risk when you purchase the first item in your inventory. If you purchase 1000 units of a $10 item this risk is smaller than that of the risk of a $30 item.

It is also important to keep your price of goods to be not greater than $25. This is because Amazon's costs and the costs associated with advertising could take an enormous amount. 

At first, it could be more than $25 since you could be purchasing a smaller quantity of stock. However, later on, as you begin ordering large quantities of inventory your price per unit might drop.

5. Your Product Should Be Lightweight And Small

This can help a lot in terms of storage and shipping costs. It is important for all of them to be as affordable as possible. There are a lot of items priced between $25 to $35 that are compact and light. It doesn't need to be expensive simply because it's small.

6. Your Product Should Be Non-Perishable Or Have A Long Shelf Life

You don't want your items to expire within a few months of submitting your products to Amazon. You need to ensure that your products have at least two or three years of shelf-life. 

So, you're not in a rush if you're placing in lots of different inventory or testing various products. It also allows you time to start your marketing and start generating sales.

7. Your Product Should Have Very Little Or No Competition

I'm sure it will be challenging considering the market is incredibly over-saturated. However, if you are able to find something that doesn't have many competitors or is capable of distinctly distinguishing yourself from your market in any way, then you should go for it. It isn't a good idea to be more expensive than your competition.

Also, they shouldn't be good at selling their product. The goal is to look for competitors who have a problem selling their products. They must be in a position to offer a significant benefit for the product so that it can gain and give you an edge over your competitors.

8. Your Product Should Not Be Seasonal

Seasonal goods are excellent during the time of season since you can expect to see an enormous rush of orders, and demand is high. But when the season is over there aren't many customers likely to return.

You're looking for a product that is available all year long or that is popular all year. It should be able to be implemented into daily routines for the user, so they can be reliant on your product.

This is how you can increase the monthly recurring revenue (MRR). The benefit here is that the higher your MRR the easier it will be to sell your company when you're ready to take cash out.

9. Your Product Should Be Complementary

The third and most crucial aspect to take into consideration is whether the product can be used in conjunction with other products. Are there any other products you could possibly add to the line, and also be capable of cross-selling?

If the products are extremely rare they are likely to be buyers specifically for it and it will be difficult to incorporate something different to that line in order to market the items.

Consumables such as food products that have longevity, provide you the possibility of adding other products that complement each other, such as mixing different flavors.

It's basically everything you should be looking for in a product that you would like to sell or invest in through Amazon. It's not easy to discover a product that meets all the boxes, however, hopefully, you'll get value from this list, as well as insight into what to look for in an Amazon product.

No matter if you're who is launching your first product, or you've already established your items and would like to introduce an item that you've never heard of I hope this will be useful to you.